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1982 biographical film by Richard Attenborough


Ben Kingsley
British actor
Candice Bergen
American actress and former fashion model
Edward Fox
British stage, film and television actor
John Gielgud
English actor and theatre director (1904-2000)
Trevor Howard
English film, stage and television actor (1913-1988)
John Mills
English actor
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Martin Sheen
American actor
Ian Charleson
Scottish actor (1949-1990)
Athol Fugard
South African playwright
Amrish Puri
Indian actor (1932-2005)
Roshan Seth
British actor
Rohini Hattangadi
Indian actress
Ian Bannen
Scottish character actor and occasional leading man (1928-1999)
Richard Griffiths
English actor
Nigel Hawthorne
English actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Om Puri
Indian actor
Saeed Jaffrey
Indian actor
Geraldine James
English actress
John Clements
British actor (1910-1988)
Richard Vernon
Film, television actor
Shane Rimmer
Canadian actor
Winston Ntshona
South African playwright, stage and screen actor
Marius Weyers
South African actor
Ken Hutchison
British actor
Daniel Day-Lewis
British-Irish actor
Mohan Agashe
Indian actor
Bernard Hill
English film, stage and television actor
Geoffrey Chater
British actor
Bernard Horsfall
British actor
Richard Leech
Irish actor (1922-2004)
Ray Burdis
British actor
Pankaj Kapur
Indian actor
David Gant
Scottish actor and model
John Ratzenberger
American actor
Dominic Guard
British actor, writer and psychologist
Dalip Tahil
Indian actor
Terrence Hardiman
British actor
James Cossins
British actor (1933-1997)