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1941 film by Norman Z. McLeod


Eleanor Powell
Dancer, actress
Robert Young
American actor (1907-1998)
Ann Sothern
American actress (1909-2001)
John Carroll
American actor (1906-1979)
Virginia O'Brien
American actress and singer (1919-2001)
Dan Dailey
actor, singer and dancer
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Doris Day
American actress, singer, and animal rights activist (1922-2019)
Lionel Barrymore
American actor, director, screenwriter (1878-1954)
Phil Silvers
American entertainer, comedic actor, songwriter (1911-1985)
Red Skelton
American comedian (1913–1997)
Reginald Owen
British actor (1887-1972)
Rose Hobart
actress (1906-2000)
Tom Conway
British actor (1904-1967)