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1938 film by Norman Z. McLeod


Constance Bennett
American actress
Roland Young
actor (1887-1953)
Billie Burke
American stage and film actress (1884-1970)
Paul Hurst
American actor and film director (1888-1953)
Irving Pichel
actor, film director (1891-1954)
Alan Mowbray
British actor
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Armand Kaliz
American actor (1887-1941)
Franklin Pangborn
actor (1889-1958)
Leon Belasco
American musician (1902-1988)
Nanette Bordeaux
actress (1911-1956)
Spencer Charters
actor (1875-1943)
Verree Teasdale
American stage actor
Wade Boteler
actor (1888–1943)
William Austin
English character actor (1884-1975)
Jack Chefe
American actor (1894-1975)
Cary Grant
British-American actor (1904-1986)