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1964 film by Richard Lester


Wilfrid Brambell
Irish-born English film and television actor
Norman Rossington
British actor (1928-1999)
John Junkin
English TV and Radio performer, writer
Victor Spinetti
Welsh actor and theatre director
Derek Nimmo
actor, theatre manager (1930-1999)
John Lennon
English singer and songwriter, founding member of The Beatles (1940-1980)
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Paul McCartney
English singer-songwriter, bassist of The Beatles
George Harrison
British musician and lead guitarist of the Beatles (1943-2001)
Ringo Starr
British musician, drummer for the Beatles
Anna Quayle
English actress (1932-2019)
Phil Collins
English drummer, singer, and songwriter
Rosemarie Frankland
Beauty pageant contestant, actress
David Janson
British actor
Richard Vernon
Film, television actor
Marianne Stone
actress (1922-2009)
Isla Blair
British actress
Jeremy Lloyd
English actor and writer
Kenneth Haigh
British actor (1931-2018)
Roger Avon
English actor (1914-1998)