George Segal
American actor
Alec Guinness
British actor (1914-2000)
Max von Sydow
Swedish-French actor
Senta Berger
Austrian German actress
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Robert Flemyng
British actor (1912-1995)
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Peter Carsten
1928-2012 German actor
G√ľnter Meisner
German actor (1926-1994)
Edith Mosbacher
German actress and voice actress
Herbert Fux
Austrian actor and politician (1927-2007)
John Rees
Welsh actor (1927-1994)
Herbert Stass
German film actor (1919-1999)
Philip Madoc
Welsh actor (1934-2012)
Robert Helpmann
Australian dancer, actor, theatre director and choreographer
John Moulder-Brown
British actor