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1961 film by Billy Wilder


Horst Buchholz
German actor (1933-2003)
Pamela Tiffin
American actress and model
Arlene Francis
American actress, radio and television talk show host, and game show panelist
James Cagney
American actor and dancer
Liselotte Pulver
Swiss actress
Ralf Wolter
German Actor
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Hubert von Meyerinck
German actor (1896–1971)
Hanns Lothar
actor (1929-1967)
Peter Capell
German actor (1912-1986)
Karl Lieffen
actor (1926-1999)
Henning Schlüter
German actor
Werner Hessenland
German actor
Til Kiwe
German actor and screenwriter
Rose Renée Roth
Austrian actress (1902-1990)
Helmut Schmid
German actor
Jaspar Oertzen
German actor, voice actor and author
Howard St. John
American actor (1905-1974)
Red Buttons
American comedian and actor