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1985 film by Paul Verhoeven


Rutger Hauer
Dutch actor (1944–2019)
Jennifer Jason Leigh
American actress
Tom Burlinson
Australian actor and singer
Ronald Lacey
British actor
Susan Tyrrell
American actress
Jack Thompson
Australian actor
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Brion James
American actor
Bruno Kirby
American actor, singer, voice artist, chef, and comedian
Fernando Hilbeck
Spanish actor
Simón Andreu
Spanish actor
John Dennis Johnston
American actor
Kitty Courbois
Dutch actress (1937-2017)
Nancy Cartwright
American actress
Héctor Alterio
Argentine-Spanish actor
Siobhan Hayes
British actress
Anne Lockhart
American actress (born 1953)
Hans Veerman
Dutch actor
Blanca Marsillach
Spanish actress
Ida Bons
Dutch actress