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1959 british film comedy by Gerald Thomas


Kenneth Connor
English actor (1918-1993)
Charles Hawtrey
English film actor
Leslie Phillips
English actor
Joan Sims
English actress
Kenneth Williams
English actor and comedian (1926-1988)
Hattie Jacques
English comedy actress of stage, radio and screen (1922-1980)
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Rosalind Knight
British actress
Ted Ray
comedian (1905-1977)
Richard O'Sullivan
British comedy actor
Norman Rossington
British actor (1928-1999)
Jill Ireland
English actress (1936–1990)
Joan Hickson
British actress (1906-1998)
Michael Medwin
British actor
Carol White
British actress (1943-1991)
Cyril Chamberlain
British actor (1909–1974)
Jane White
actress (1922-2011)
Larry Dann
British actor
Francesca Annis
English actress
Jeremy Bulloch
English actor