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1961 film by Jerry Lewis


Helen Traubel
American singer
Kathleen Freeman
American actress (1919-2001)
Buddy Lester
American comedian and actor
George Raft
American actor
Jerry Lewis
American comedian, actor, film producer, writer and film director
Alex Gerry
American actor (1904-1993)
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Harry James
American trumpeter, big band leader (1916-1983)
Jack Kruschen
Canadian actor
Martha Hyer
actress (1924-2014)
Joan Staley
American model and actress (1940-2019)
Don Brodie
American actor
Patricia Blair
American TV and film actress
Fritz Feld
German-American actor (1900-1993)
Madlyn Rhue
American actress (1935-2003)
Snub Pollard
Australian actor (1889-1962)
Mary LaRoche
American actress (1920-1999)
Hope Holiday
American actress
Gloria Jean
Actress, singer (1926-2018)
Kenneth MacDonald
American actor (1901-1972)
Marianne Gaba
American actress and model (1939-2016)
Joe Gray
American actor and stuntman (1912-1971)
Karyn Kupcinet
American actress (1941-1963)