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1954 American film directed by Stanley Donen


José Ferrer
Puerto Rican actor and theatre and film director (1912-1992)
Merle Oberon
British actress (1911-1979)
Helen Traubel
American singer
Walter Pidgeon
Canadian actor (1897-1984)
Paul Henreid
Austrian-American actor and film director
Tamara Toumanova
Russian ballet dancer (1919-1996)
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Paul Stewart
American actor (1908-1986)
Isobel Elsom
British actress (1893-1981)
Rosemary Clooney
singer and actress from the United States (1928-2002)
Gene Kelly
American dancer, actor, singer, director, producer and choreographer (1912-1996)
Jane Powell
American actress
Vic Damone
American singer (1928-2018)
Ann Miller
dancer, singer and actress
Cyd Charisse
American dancer and actress
James Mitchell
dancer and actor (1920-2010)
Howard Keel
American actor and singer
Tony Martin
American actor and singer (1913-2012)
Joan Weldon
American actress
Russ Tamblyn
American actor
Douglas Fowley
actor (1911-1998)
Esther Williams
American swimmer and actress (1921-2013)
George Murphy
American actor and politician (1902-1992)
Jim Backus
American radio, television, film, and voice actor (1913-1989)
Tony Martin
Australian actor
Susan Luckey
American stage actor
John Alvin
American film, stage, and television actor (1917-2009)
Ludwig Stössel
actor (1883-1973)