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1962 film


Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Hardy Krüger
German actor
Leslie Caron
French-American actress and dancer
Charles Aznavour
Armenian-French singer and diplomat
Michel Serrault
French actor (1928-2007)
Monica Vitti
Italian actress
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Sylva Koscina
Actress, model
Rossano Brazzi
actor, singer (1916-1994)
Manuel Alexandre
Spanish actor
Ángel Álvarez
film actor
Alain Bouvette
1924-2004 French actor
Ana Casares
Hubert Deschamps
French actor
Lola Gaos
Spanish actress (1921-1993)
Albert Michel
French actor
Mario Passante
Italian actor (1912-1974)
Gianrico Tedeschi
Italian actor
Xan das Bolas
Spanish actor (1908-1977)