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1954 film by Fritz Lang, Otto Preminger


Stewart Granger
British actor (1913-1993)
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Joan Greenwood
British actress
Viveca Lindfors
actress and director (1920–1995)
Jack Elam
American film and television actor (1920-2003)
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Alan Napier
English actor
John Hoyt
1905–1991; American film, stage, and television actor
Jon Whiteley
British actor and art historian (1945-2020)
Lester Matthews
British actor (1900-1975)
Liliane Montevecchi
French-Italian actress, dancer, and singer (1932-2018)
Richard Hale
American singer and character actor
Sean McClory
Irish actor
Skelton Knaggs
English stage and film actor
Dan Seymour
actor (1915-1993)
Ian Wolfe
actor (1896-1992)
Ben Wright
English actor (1915-1989)
Colin Kenny
actor (1888-1968)
Peggy Maley
American actress
John Alderson
British actor (1916-2006)
Oliver Blake
American actor (1905-1992)
Lillian Kemble-Cooper
British actress (1892-1977)
Patrick O'Moore
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