Add to watched Polly of the Circus (1932)

1932 film by Alfred Santell


Marion Davies
American actress, producer, screenwriter and socialite (1897-1961)
Clark Gable
American actor
C. Aubrey Smith
British actor (1863-1948)
Raymond Hatton
American silent film actor (1887-1971)
Ruth Selwyn
American actress (1905-1954)
Edward LeSaint
American actor (1870-1940)
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Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
Tiny Sandford
American actor
David Landau
actor (1879-1935)
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams
American actor (1899-1962)
John Roche
American actor (1893-1952)
Frank McGlynn, Sr.
American actor
Frank Rice
actor (1892-1936)
Florence Wix
American actress (1883-1956)
Maude Eburne
Canadian actress (1875-1960)