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1973 film by Vernon Zimmerman


Alan Arkin
American actor, director, musician and singer
Bruce Bennett
actor (1906-2007)
Loretta Swit
American actress
H├ęctor Elizondo
American actor
John Milius
American screenwriter, director, and producer
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George Raft
American actor
Allen Garfield
American actor
Charles Durning
American actor (1923-2012)
Richard Kiel
American actor (1939-2014)
Ida Lupino
American film director and actress
Avery Schreiber
American comedian
Paul Benedict
American actor (1938-2008)
William Duell
American actor and singer
John Quade
actor (1938-2009)
John Steadman
American actor (1909-1993)
Diane Shalet
American actress