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1935 film by Alfred L. Werker


George Raft
American actor
Ben Bernie
American jazz violinist and radio personality
Iris Adrian
actress (1912-1994)
Lloyd Nolan
American actor (1902-1985)
Jane Wyman
American actress, singer, dancer, and philanthropist (1917-2007)
William Cagney
American actor and producer (1905-1988)
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Leslie Fenton
actor, film director (1902-1978)
Stanley Andrews
American actor (1891-1969)
Eddie Dunn
American actor (1896-1951)
Lois January
American actress
Edgar Dearing
American actor (1893-1974)
Robert Emmett O'Connor
American film actor (1885-1962)
Jack Norton
American film actor (1882-1958)