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1937 film by William A. Wellman


Janet Gaynor
American actress (1906-1984)
Fredric March
American actor (1897-1975)
Adolphe Menjou
American actor
May Robson
Australian-born American actress (1858-1942)
Andy Devine
actor (1905-1977)
Lionel Stander
American actor in films, radio, theater and television (1908-1994)
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Owen Moore
Irish-born actor in American films
Francis Ford
actor, film director (1881-1953)
Arthur Hoyt
actor (1874-1953)
Marshall Neilan
American actor and filmmaker
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Clara Blandick
American actress
Chrispin Martin
American actor
Clarence Wilson
American actor (1876-1941)
Claude King
English character actor (1875-1941)
George Chandler
American film and television actor (1898-1985)
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams
American actor (1899-1962)
J. C. Nugent
American actor and screenwriter (1868-1947)
Jean Acker
American actress (1893-1978)
Osgood Perkins
American actor (1892-1937)
Peggy Wood
American actress of stage, film and television (1892-1978)
Pat Flaherty
American baseball player
Jed Prouty
American actor (1879-1956)