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1952 film by Frank Tashlin


Bob Hope
American comedian, actor, singer and dancer (1903–2003)
Jane Russell
American actress and model (1921-2011)
Roy Rogers
American actor and singer (1911-1998)
Lloyd Corrigan
American actor (1900-1969)
Douglass Dumbrille
Canadian-American actor
Chester Conklin
actor, comedian (1886-1971)
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Bing Crosby
American singer and actor (1903-1977)
Cecil B. DeMille
American film director (1881-1959)
Jerry Mathers
American actor
Harry von Zell
American actor, singer, announcer (1906-1981)
Bill Williams
actor (1915-1992)
Jean Willes
American actress (1923-1989)
Jonathan Hale
Canadian actor
Iron Eyes Cody
American actor
Al Ferguson
Irish-American actor (1888-1971)
Hank Mann
American actor
Oliver Blake
American actor (1905-1992)
John George
Syrian-American actor (1898-1968)