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1969 James Bond film by Peter R. Hunt


George Lazenby
Australian actor
Diana Rigg
British actress (1938-2020)
Telly Savalas
American film and television actor and singer (1922-1994)
Bernard Lee
English actor (1908-1981)
Gabriele Ferzetti
Italian actor (1925-2015)
Lois Maxwell
Canadian actress (1927-2007)
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Desmond Llewelyn
British actor (1914-1999)
Angela Scoular
English actress
Ilse Steppat
German actress
Catherine Schell
Hungarian-born British actress
Bernard Horsfall
British actor
Joanna Lumley
British actress and former model
Brian Grellis
British actor
George Baker
English actor and writer (1931-2011)
Julie Ege
Norwegian actress (1943-2008)
Robert Rietti
British actor and director
Helena Ronee
Italian actor
Bessie Love
American actress (1898–1986)
Anouska Hempel
New Zealand hotelier, designer and former actress