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2005 film directed by Peter Jackson


Naomi Watts
British actress and film producer
Jack Black
American actor, comedian, musician, music producer, and YouTuber
Adrien Brody
American actor
Thomas Kretschmann
German actor
Colin Hanks
American actor
Jamie Bell
English actor
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Kyle Chandler
American actor
Evan Parke
Jamaican actor
Lobo Chan
British opera singer
Andy Serkis
British actor and director
John Sumner
British actor
Craig Hall
New Zealand actor
John Clarke
American actor (1931-2019)
Jed Brophy
New Zealand film actor
Mark Hadlow
New Zealand actor
Louis Sutherland
New Zealand film director
Rick Baker
American special makeup effects artist
Tom Hobbs
Jim Knobeloch
American actor
David Dennis
South African actor
Peter Jackson
New Zealand film director, screenwriter, and film producer