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1949 film noir drama directed by Arthur Lubin


Ella Raines
American actress (1920-1988)
Charles Coburn
American film and theater actor (1877-1961)
Mae Marsh
American actress (1894-1968)
Robert Warwick
actor (1878-1964)
Anna May Wong
Chinese American actress
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Philip Ahn
Korean-American actor (1905-1978)
Art Baker
film, television and radio actor (1898-1966)
Clarence Kolb
actor (1874-1964)
Erskine Sanford
American actor
Helen Walker
American actress (1920-1968)
Jason Robards
American stage and screen actor (1892-1963)
Stuart Holmes
actor (1884-1971)
Glen Vernon
American actor (1923-1999)
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Phil Arnold
American actor (1909-1968)
Frank O'Connor
American actor (1881-1959)
Harry Cheshire
American actor (1891-1968)