Jackie Gleason
American comedian and actor
Frankie Avalon
American actor and singer
Fred Clark
American film and television character actor (1914-1968)
Michael Constantine
Greek-American actor
Frank Gorshin
American actor and comedian (1933-2005)
John Phillip Law
American film actor (1937-2008)
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Peter Lawford
English-American actor (1923-1984)
Burgess Meredith
American film and television actor
George Raft
American actor
Cesar Romero
American actor
Mickey Rooney
American film actor (1920-2014)
Groucho Marx
American comedian
Austin Pendleton
American actor and director
Slim Pickens
American rodeo performer, film and television actor
Richard Kiel
American actor (1939-2014)
Robert Donner
American actor (1931-2006)
Donyale Luna
American model and actress (1945-1979)
Harry Nilsson
American singer-songwriter (1941-1994)
Otto Preminger
American director, producer, actor (1905-1986)
Phil Arnold
American actor (1909-1968)
George Cisar
American actor (1912-1979)
Alexandra Hay
American actress (1947-1993)