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1935 film by Rouben Mamoulian, Lowell Sherman


Miriam Hopkins
American actress (1902-1972)
Frances Dee
American actress (1909-2004)
Cedric Hardwicke
English actor (1893-1964)
Billie Burke
American stage and film actress (1884-1970)
Nigel Bruce
British actor (1895-1953)
William Faversham
American actor (1868-1940)
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Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)
Mrs. Leslie Carter
American actress
Creighton Hale
American actor
Alan Mowbray
British actor
Tempe Pigott
British actress (1884-1962)
Alison Skipworth
English actress (1863-1952)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Charles Richman
actor (1865-1940)
Colin Tapley
New Zealand actor
Doris Lloyd
English actress
Gaston Glass
French-American actor and producer (1899-1965)
May Beatty
Singer, actress
George Hassell
American actor (1881-1937)
Pat Nixon
First Lady of the United States; wife of 37th United States President Richard...