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1956 film by Robert Rossen


Richard Burton
Welsh actor (1925-1984)
Claire Bloom
English actress
Fredric March
American actor (1897-1975)
Danielle Darrieux
French actress and singer
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Harry Andrews
English actor (1911–1989)
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Stanley Baker
Welsh actor and film producer (1928–1976)
Peter Cushing
English actor (1913-1994)
Helmut Dantine
Austrian Hollywood actor
William Squire
British actor
Niall MacGinnis
Irish actor
Gustavo Rojo
Mexican film actor and producer
Rubén Rojo
Spanish-Mexican actor
Peter Wyngarde
British actor
Friedrich von Ledebur
Austro-Hungarian Actor
Virgilio Teixeira
Portuguese actor (1917-2010)
José Nieto
Spanish actor
Barry Jones
British film actor
Georges Chamarat
French actor
Jean Violette
French actor (1921-1995)
Marc Valbel
French actor (1907-1960)
Larry Taylor
British actor (1918-2003)
Ramsay Ames
actress (1919-1998)
Marisa de Leza
Spanish actor
Enrique Diosdado
Spanish actor
Robert Rietti
British actor and director