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1952 film by Richard Thorpe


Stewart Granger
British actor (1913-1993)
Deborah Kerr
Scottish film and television actress (1921-2007)
James Mason
English actor (1909–1984)
Louis Calhern
American stage and screen actor (1895-1956)
Robert Douglas
actor, director
Jane Greer
American film and television actress (1924–2001)
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Robert Coote
British actor
Lewis Stone
actor from the United States (1879-1953)
Doris Lloyd
English actress
Francis Pierlot
actor (1875-1955)
Kathleen Freeman
American actress (1919-2001)
Peter Brocco
American actor (1903-1992)
Stanley Logan
British actor and director (1885-1953)
George J. Lewis
actor (1903-1995)
Peter Mamakos
American actor (1918-2008)
Hugh Prosser
American actor (1900-1952)