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1967 film by Henri Verneuil


Anthony Quinn
Mexican-American actor, painter, writer and film director
Virna Lisi
Italian actress (1936-2014)
Michael Redgrave
English actor (1908-1985)
Marcel Dalio
actor (1900-1983)
Alexander Knox
Canadian actor and author of adventure novels
Serge Reggiani
French singer and actor (1922-2004)
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Robert Beatty
Canadian actor
Jean Desailly
French actor (1920-2008)
Françoise Rosay
actress (1891-1974)
Olga Schoberová
Czech actress
Albert Rémy
1915-1967 French actor
Grégoire Aslan
Armenian actor
Jacques Marbeuf
French actor and singer-songwriter
Jacques Marin
French actor
Jacques Préboist
actor from France (1923-1999)
Jan Werich
Czech actor, playwright and writer
John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Liam Redmond
Versatile Irish actor
Paul Pavel
French actor (1920-2012)
Harold Goldblatt
British actor (1899-1982)
Meier Tzelniker
British actor
Kenneth J. Warren
Australian actor (1929-1973)
Raoul Delfosse
French actor
Marius Goring
actor (1912-1998)
Wolfgang Völz
German actor (1930-2018)
Valentino Macchi
Italian actor