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1941 film by Mitchell Leisen


Charles Boyer
actor (1899-1978)
Paulette Goddard
American actress
Victor Francen
Belgian actor
Walter Abel
American actor
Rosemary DeCamp
actress (1910-2001)
Madeleine LeBeau
French actress (1923-2016)
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Veronica Lake
American actor (1922-1973)
Curt Bois
German actor
Nestor Paiva
American actor (1905-1966)
Mitchell Leisen
American film director (1898-1972)
Charles Arnt
actor (1906-1990)
Leon Belasco
American musician (1902-1988)
Micheline Cheirel
French actress
Mikhail Rasumny
Television, film actor (1890-1956)
Ray Mala
actor and cinematographer (1906-1952)
James Flavin
American actor
Richard Webb
American actor (1915-1993)
Harry Shannon
American actor
John Hamilton
American actor (1887-1958)
Edward Fielding
American actor (1875-1945)
Soledad Jiménez
Spanish actress