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1944 film by Robert Stevenson


Orson Welles
American actor, director, writer and producer
Joan Fontaine
British American actress (1917-2013)
Margaret O'Brien
American film, television and stage actress
Sara Allgood
Irish actress (1879-1950)
Henry Daniell
English actor (1894-1963)
Agnes Moorehead
American actress (1900-1974)
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Elizabeth Taylor
British-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian
Peggy Ann Garner
American actress (1932-1984)
John Sutton
British actor in Hollywood (1908-1963)
Aubrey Mather
English actor
John Abbott
English character actor (1905-1996)
Ethel Griffies
British actress (1878-1975)
Barbara Everest
British actress
Betta St. John
American actress
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Edith Barrett
American actress (1907-1977)
Hillary Brooke
American film actress (1914-1999)
Moyna Macgill
Irish actress (1895-1975)
Tempe Pigott
British actress (1884-1962)
Eustace Wyatt
British actor (1882-1944)