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1997 American drama film directed by Clint Eastwood


Kevin Spacey
American actor, director and producer
John Cusack
American actor, producer, and screenwriter
Jack Thompson
Australian actor
Jude Law
English actor
Alison Eastwood
actor, director, model and fashion designer from the United States
Irma P. Hall
American actress
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Kim Hunter
American actress (1922-2002)
Michael Rosenbaum
American actor
Ann Cusack
American actress
Anne Haney
American actress
Bob Gunton
American film and television actor
Geoffrey Lewis
American actor (1935-2015)
James Gandolfini
American actor (1961-2013)
The Lady Chablis
(1957-2016), Afroamerican drag queen
Leon Rippy
American actor
Gary Anthony Williams
American actor
Rhoda Griffis
American actress
Patrika Darbo
American actress
Collin Wilcox
American actress
Richard Herd
American actor
Paul Hipp
American actor