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1940 film by Lloyd Bacon


Edward G. Robinson
Romanian-American actor
Ann Sothern
American actress (1909-2001)
Humphrey Bogart
American actor (1899-1957)
Donald Crisp
English film actor (1882-1974)
Ralph Bellamy
actor (1904-1991)
Allen Jenkins
Film, stage and television actor
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Cecil Kellaway
South African actor
Tom Tyler
American actor
Morgan Conway
American actor (1903-1981)
Charles D. Brown
American actor (1887-1948)
John Ridgely
actor (1909-1968)
Creighton Hale
American actor
Frank Faylen
actor (1905-1985)
James Flavin
American actor
Mary Gordon
actress of Scttish descent, worked primarily in the US (1882-1963)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Edgar Norton
American actor (1868-1953)
Sidney Bracey
Australian-American actor (1877-1942)
Louise Carter
American actress
Wilfred Lucas
actor, Film director