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1946 film by Edgar George Ulmer


Hedy Lamarr
Austrian-American actress and co-inventor of an early technique for spread sp...
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Louis Hayward
British actor born in South Africa
Alan Napier
English actor
Chief Yowlachie
Native American actor from Yakima tribe in Washington state, known for playin...
Dennis Hoey
British film actor (1893-1960)
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Edith Evanson
American actress (1896-1980)
Francis Pierlot
actor (1875-1955)
Hillary Brooke
American film actress (1914-1999)
Ian MacDonald
American actor (1914-1978)
Kathleen Lockhart
English actress (1894-1978)
Moroni Olsen
actor (1889-1954)
Olive Blakeney
American actress (1894-1959)
Rhys Williams
Welsh actor (1897-1969)
June Storey
Canadian-American actress (1918-1991)
Ian Keith
actor (1899-1960)
Fred Graham
American actor (1908-1979)
George Magrill
actor (1900-1952)
Fred Aldrich
American actor (1904-1979)
Al Ferguson
Irish-American actor (1888-1971)
Clancy Cooper
American actor (1906-1975)