Add to watched Doctor Bull (1933)

1933 film by John Ford


Will Rogers
American humorist and entertainer (1879-1935)
Marian Nixon
Andy Devine
actor (1905-1977)
Berton Churchill
Canadian actor
Elizabeth Patterson
American actress (1874-1966)
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Francis Ford
actor, film director (1881-1953)
Helen Freeman Corle
American actress (1886-1960)
Marcia Mae Jones
American actress (1924-2007)
Ralph Morgan
American actor (1883-1956)
Robert Parrish
American film director, film editor and child actor
Rochelle Hudson
actress (1916-1972)
Sarah Padden
American actress (1881-1967)
Tempe Pigott
British actress (1884-1962)
Otis Harlan
actor (1865-1940)
Ethel Griffies
British actress (1878-1975)
Mary Gordon
actress of Scttish descent, worked primarily in the US (1882-1963)
Louise Carter
American actress
Nora Cecil
American actress (1878-1951)