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1971 film by Roger Pigaut


Hamidou Benmassoud
Moroccan film, television and stage actor
André Pousse
French actor (1919-2005)
Bob Asklöf
Swedish actor (1942-2011)
Charles Vanel
French actor and director
Hubert Deschamps
French actor
Jean Desailly
French actor (1920-2008)
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Jean-Marc Bory
Swiss actor (1934-2001)
Jeanne Moreau
French actress, singer, screenwriter and director
Joëlle Bernard
French actress (1928-1977)
Luce Fabiole
French actress (1892-1982)
Marcel Bozzuffi
actor (1928-1988)
Michel Bouquet
French actor
Pippo Merisi
French actor
Serge Reggiani
French singer and actor (1922-2004)
Serge Sauvion
French actor
Simone Signoret
French actress