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1939 film by John Farrow


Chester Morris
American actor (1901-1970)
Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian and businesswoman
John Carradine
American actor (1906-1988)
Allen Jenkins
Film, stage and television actor
C. Aubrey Smith
British actor (1863-1948)
Elisabeth Risdon
actress (1887-1958)
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Frank Faylen
actor (1905-1985)
Joseph Calleia
Actor and singer
Kent Taylor
American actor
Patric Knowles
actor, novelist
Patrick H. O'Malley, Jr.
American vaudeville and stage performer (1890-1966)
Pedro de Cordoba
actor (1881-1950)
Wendy Barrie
English actress (1912-1978)
Frank Mills
American actor (1891-1973)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)