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1953 film by Maurice Labro and Giorgio Simonelli


Nico Pepe
Italian actor
Giancarlo Nicotra
Italian television director
Nilla Pizzi
Italian recording artist; singer
Arturo Bragaglia
Italian photographer and actor
Yves Montand
French-Italian actor and singer
Roberto Murolo
Italian singer (1912-2003)
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Gino Latilla
Italian singer
Georges Guétary
French singer and actor
Teddy Reno
Italian recording artist; singer, record producer, actor
Louis Armstrong
American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer
Guglielmo Inglese
Italian actor (1892-1972)
Giuseppe Porelli
Italian actor (1897-1982)
André Claveau
French recording artist; singer (1911-2003)
Catherine Erard
French actress (1928-2009)
Christian Duvaleix
French actor, film director and screenwriter (1923-1979)
Clément Duhour
French athlete
Félix Leclerc
Canadian singer (1914-1988)
Georges Ulmer
French actor-singer
Jacques Verlier
Swiss actor (1933-1992)
Jean-Pierre Cassel
French actor (1932-2007)
Juliette Gréco
French actress and singer
Line Renaud
French recording artist, actress, singer; AIDS activist
Lucienne Delyle
French singer
Luis Mariano
Spanish operetta singer and actor
Robert Lamoureux
actor, screenwriter, film director
Natale Cirino
Italian actor and stage actor (1894-1962)