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1968 crime film starring Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra
American recording artist; singer and film actor (1915-1998)
Lee Remick
American actress (1935-1991)
Ralph Meeker
American actor (1920-1988)
Jack Klugman
American actor
William Windom
American actor (1923–2012)
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Tony Musante
American actor
Robert Duvall
American actor and director
Sugar Ray Robinson
American boxer
Renée Taylor
American actress and writer
Al Freeman
American actor, director and acting teacher (1934-2012)
Lloyd Bochner
Canadian actor (1924-2005)
Tom Atkins
American actor
Joe Santos
Italian-American film and television actor (1931-2006)
George Plimpton
American journalist, writer, editor, actor (1927-2003)
Ted Beniades
American actor
Horace McMahon
American actor