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1967 film by Desmond Davis


Rita Tushingham
English actress
Lynn Redgrave
British-American actress
Michael York
English actor
Anna Quayle
English actress (1932-2019)
Ian Carmichael
actor (1920-2010)
Peter Jones
English actor, screenwriter and broadcaster (1920-2000)
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Sydney Bromley
British actor
Michael Ward
English actor (1909-1997)
Murray Melvin
British actor
Valerie Leon
English actress
David Essex
actor, Singer, Song Writer
Jeremy Lloyd
English actor and writer
Danny Green
British actor
Irene Handl
British actress (1901-1987)
Cardew Robinson
Comedy actor (1917-1992)
Ronnie Stevens
British actor (1925-2006)
Jerold Wells
English actor (1908-1999)
Arthur Lovegrove
British actor
Julian Curry
English actor (1937–2020)
Sam Kydd
British actor (1915-1982)
George A. Cooper
British actor (1925-2018)
Tom Gill
actor (1916-1971)