Add to watched Terror in the Aisles

1984 film by Andrew J. Kuehn


Donald Pleasence
English actor (1919-1995)
Nancy Allen
American actress
Bud Abbott
American actor, producer and comedian
Brooke Adams
American actress
Alan Arkin
American actor, director, musician and singer
Susan Backlinie
former actress and stuntwoman
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Martin Balsam
actor from the United States
Linda Blair
American actress
Wilford Brimley
American actor and singer (1934-2020)
Marilyn Burns
American actress (1949-2014)
Ellen Burstyn
American actress
Michael Caine
British actor
John Cassavetes
American actor, film director, and screenwriter (1929-1989)
Lon Chaney Jr.
son of famous silent film actor Lon Chaney, was an American actor (1906-1973)
Lou Costello
American actor and comedian
Joan Crawford
American actress (1904-1977)
Richard Crenna
American actor, director, producer (1926-2003)
Jamie Lee Curtis
actress, author
Keith David
American actor
Bette Davis
American film, television and stage actress (1908-1989)
Brad Davis
American actor (1949–1991)
Robert De Niro
Italian-American actor, director and producer
Angie Dickinson
American actress
Shelley Duvall
American actress
Clint Eastwood
American actor, filmmaker, musician, and politician
Morgan Fairchild
American actress
Mia Farrow
American actress, singer, humanitarian and former fashion model
Jeff Goldblum
American actor
Cary Grant
British-American actor (1904-1986)
Charles Hallahan
American film, television and stage actor (1943-1997)
Gunnar Hansen
Icelandic-born American actor
Debbie Harry
American singer-songwriter and actress
Rutger Hauer
Dutch actor (1944–2019)
Wings Hauser
American actor
David Hedison
American actor (1927-2019)
Tippi Hedren
actress and animal welfare activist
Alfred Hitchcock
British film director and producer (1899-1980)
Dustin Hoffman
American actor
John Hurt
English actor (1940–2017)
Amy Irving
American actress
Duane Jones
American actor
Carol Kane
American actress and comedian
Boris Karloff
English actor (1887-1969)
Grace Kelly
American actress and Princess consort of Monaco
Margot Kidder
Canadian-American actress and activist
Yaphet Kotto
American actor
Elsa Lanchester
English-born American actress
Martin Landau
American actor and acting coach
Piper Laurie
American actress
Janet Leigh
American actress (1927-2004)
Jerry Lewis
American comedian, actor, film producer, writer and film director
Zoë Lund
American musician, model, actress, screenwriter
Dean Martin
American singer, actor, comedian and film producer
Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
Jack Nicholson
American actor, film director, producer, and writer
Laurence Olivier
British actor, director and producer (1907-1989)
Heather O'Rourke
American actress (1975-1988)
Gregory Peck
American actor
Anthony Perkins
American actor (1932-1992)
Christopher Plummer
Canadian actor
Vincent Price
American actor
Lee Remick
American actress (1935-1991)
Kurt Russell
American actor
Roy Scheider
American actor
Sissy Spacek
American actress and singer
Sylvester Stallone
American actor, screenwriter, and film director
Harry Dean Stanton
American actor, musician, and singer (1926-2017)
Amy Steel
American actress
Harvey Spencer Stephens
British actor (1970-1986)
Donald Sutherland
Canadian actor
Rod Taylor
Australian actor
Christopher Walken
American actor
Jessica Walter
American actress
Sigourney Weaver
American actress
Jack Weston
American actor
James Woods
American film, stage and television actor
Adrienne Barbeau
American actress
Adrienne King
American actor, dancer and painter
Ana Alicia
Mexican-American actress
Andrew Stevens
American actor
Bela Lugosi
Hungarian actor (1882-1956)
Billie Whitelaw
British actress (1932-2014)
Billy Dee Williams
American actor, artist, and singer
Charles Cioffi
American actor
Dee Wallace
American actress
Elliott Gould
American actor
Faye Dunaway
American actress
Gerrit Graham
American actor
Griffin Dunne
actor, director
Ian Holm
English actor
Jane Fonda
American actress and activist
Jessica Harper
American actress
Jessica Tandy
British-American actress
John Gavin
American film actor and former Ambassador to Mexico (1931-2018)
Leo McKern
Australian actor
Max von Sydow
Swedish-French actor
Michael Ironside
Canadian voice, film and television actor
P. J. Soles
American actress
Persis Khambatta
Indian actress (1948-1998)
Ralph Bellamy
actor (1904-1991)
Robert Walker
American actor (1918-1951)
Sidney Blackmer
American actor (1895-1973)
Stephen Lack
Canadian artist
Vera Miles
American actress
Belinda Balaski
American actress
Kevin McCarthy
American actor
Jason Miller
American actor and playwright (1939-2001)