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1940 film by Edwin L. Marin


Robert Young
American actor (1907-1998)
Charles Coburn
American film and theater actor (1877-1961)
Lee Bowman
American actor (1914–1979)
Reginald Owen
British actor (1887-1972)
Lucile Watson
actress (1879-1962)
S. Z. Sakall
Hungarian actor
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William B. Davidson
American actor (1888-1947)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
Hillary Brooke
American film actress (1914-1999)
Morgan Conway
American actor (1903-1981)
William Tannen
American actor (1911-1976)
Edward Hearn
actor (1888-1963)
Edgar Dearing
American actor (1893-1974)
Barbara Bedford
American actress (1903-1981)
Mary Forbes
British-American actress
Bodil Rosing
American actress (1877-1941)
Henry Brandon
German-American character actor (1912-1990)
Raymond Bailey
actor (1904-1980)
Earle Hodgins
actor (1893-1964)
Frances Morris
American actress (1908-2003)
Jimmy Conlin
American actor (1884-1962)
Alberto Morin
actor from Puerto Rico (1902-1989)
George Magrill
actor (1900-1952)
Charles D. Brown
American actor (1887-1948)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Mitchell Lewis
American film actor (1880-1956)
James Flavin
American actor
Tiny Sandford
American actor