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1966 film by R. G. Springsteen


Dana Andrews
American actor (1909-1992)
John Agar
American actor (1921-2002)
Tom Drake
American actor (1918–1982)
Dale Van Sickel
American football player, end, College Football Hall of Fame, stuntman, actor...
Rodd Redwing
actor (1904-1971)
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Lyle Bettger
American actor (1915-2003)
Jane Russell
American actress and model (1921-2011)
Edmund Cobb
actor (1892-1974)
Robert Lowery
American motion picture, television, and stage actor (1913-1971)
Lon Chaney Jr.
son of famous silent film actor Lon Chaney, was an American actor (1906-1973)
Charles Horvath
American actor (1920-1978)
Chuck Hicks
American actor (1927-2021)