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1946 black-and-white film noir directed by Edwin L. Marin


George Raft
American actor
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Virginia Huston
American actress (1925-1981)
Joseph Pevney
American actor and director (1911-2008)
Edward Ashley-Cooper
Australian actor (1904-2000)
Walter Sande
American actor
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Mabel Paige
American actress (1880-1954)
Queenie Smith
American actress (1898-1978)
Lilian Bond
British actress (1908-1991)
Dorothy Adams
American actress (1900-1988)
John Banner
Austrian actor (1910-1973)
William Challee
actor (1904-1989)
Harry Harvey
American actor (1901-1985)
Pat Flaherty
American baseball player
Myrna Dell
actress (1924-2011)
Robert Anderson
American actor, born 1920
Bert Moorhouse
American actor (1894-1954)
Edgar Dearing
American actor (1893-1974)
Edward Clark
American actor (1878-1954)
Al Hill
American actor (1892-1954)