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1954 film by Miguel M. Delgado


Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter
Martha Valdés
Mexican actress
Ángel Garasa
Spanish-Mexican actor (1905-1976)
Domingo Soler
Mexican actor
Wolf Ruvinskis
Mexican professional wrestler and actor
Miguel Arenas
Mexican film actor
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Arturo Martínez
Mexican actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer (1918-1992)
Anabel Gutiérrez
Mexican actress and comedian
Emma Roldán
Mexican actress (1922-1978)
Ernesto Finance
Mexican stage and film actor
Conchita Gentil Arcos
Spanish-Mexican film actor
Amparo Arozamena
Mexican actress
Victorio Blanco
Mexican actor
Lupe Carriles
Mexican actress (1913–1964)
Pedro Elviro
Spanish-Mexican actor
Salvador Quiroz
Mexican film actor
Carlota Solares
Mexican film actor (1909-1980)