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1935 film by Eugene Forde


Edmund Lowe
American actor (1890-1971)
Victor McLaglen
British-American actor (1886-1959)
Mary Carlisle
American actress (1914-2018)
Henry O'Neill
American film actor
Charles C. Wilson
American actor (1894-1948)
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John Qualen
Canadian-American actor of Norwegian origin (1899-1987)
Herman Bing
1930s-1940's character actor
Madge Bellamy
actress (1899-1990)
Clarence Wilson
American actor (1876-1941)
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Astrid Allwyn
Film, stage actress (1905-1978)
Walter Walker
American actor (1864-1947)
John Wray
American character actor (1887-1940)