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1937 film by Sam Newfield


Bob Steele
American actor
Lois January
American actress
Charles King
American film actor (1895-1957)
Earl Dwire
actor (1883-1940)
Ernie Adams
actor (1885-1947)
Horace Murphy
actor (1880-1975)
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Lloyd Ingraham
actor, film director (1874-1956)
Lew Meehan
American actor (1890-1951)
Dave O'Brien
American actor and director (1912-1969)
Charles Brinley
actor (1880–1946)
John Harvey Gahan
Canadian musician (1888-1958)
Tex Palmer
American actor (1904–1982)
Archie Ricks
American actor and assistant director (1896–1962)
James Sheridan
American actor (1904-1961)