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1974 film by Richard Lester


Oliver Reed
English actor
Raquel Welch
American actress
Richard Chamberlain
American actor and singer, recording artist
Michael York
English actor
Frank Finlay
English actor (1926-2016)
Christopher Lee
British actor and singer (1922-2015)
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Geraldine Chaplin
British-American actress
Faye Dunaway
American actress
Michael Gothard
male actor from England (1939-1992)
Simon Ward
English stage and film actor
Jean-Pierre Cassel
French actor (1932-2007)
Charlton Heston
American actor and guns rights activist (1923-2008)
Roy Kinnear
British actor (1934-1988)
Nicole Calfan
French actress
Ángel del Pozo
Spanish actor and film director
Sybil Danning
Austrian actress
Gitty Darugar
German actress
Jack Watson
British actor (1915-1999)
Eduardo Fajardo
Spanish actor (1924-2019)
Bob Todd
British actor (1921-1992)
Leon Greene
British opera singer
Lucy Tiller
Joss Ackland
British actor
Gretchen Franklin
English actress (1911-2005)
Richard Briers
English actor (1934-2013)
Oliver MacGreevy
Irish actor