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1963 film by Vincente Minnelli


Glenn Ford
Canadian-American actor
Ron Howard
American film director, producer, and actor
Shirley Jones
American singer and actress
Stella Stevens
American actress, model
Dina Merrill
American actress, socialite heiress, businesswoman and philanthropist
Vito Scotti
American actor
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Jerry Van Dyke
American stand-up comedian (1931-2018)
Lee Meriwether
American actress and model
Grace Kelly
American actress and Princess consort of Monaco
Clark Gable
American actor
Clint Howard
American actor
Andrew Stevens
American actor
Rance Howard
American actor (1928-2017)
Gene Roth
actor (1903-1976)
Madlyn Rhue
American actress (1935-2003)
Billy Halop
actor (1920-1976)