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2002 film by Jonathan Demme


Mark Wahlberg
American actor and television producer
Thandie Newton
English actress
Tim Robbins
American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, activist and musician
Ted Levine
American actor
Simon Abkarian
French-Armenian actor
Park Jung-hun
South Korean actor
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LisaGay Hamilton
American actress and director
Christine Boisson
French actress
Stephen Dillane
British actor
Charles Aznavour
Armenian-French singer and diplomat
Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Magali Noël
Actress, singer
Agnès Varda
French photographer, artist, film director and screenwriter
Christophe Salengro
French actor
Françoise Bertin
French actress (1925-2014)
Georges Trillat
French actor
Michel Crémadès
French actor
Olivier Broche
French actor
Philippe Duquesne
French actor
Philippe Katerine
French singer and actor
Sakina Jaffrey
American actress
Sotigui Kouyaté
Burkinabé actor and football player (1936-2010)
Wilfred Benaïche
French actor
Jade Phan-Gia
French actress
Chantal Banlier
French actress
Tony Amoni
French actor
Robert W. Castle
American priest and actor (1929-2012)
Kenneth Utt
American producer (1921-1994)
Natacha Atlas
Belgian singer
Olga Sékulic
French actress
Manu Layotte
French actor
Frédérique Meininger
actress and writer