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1942 film by René Clair


Veronica Lake
American actor (1922-1973)
Fredric March
American actor (1897-1975)
Cecil Kellaway
South African actor
Susan Hayward
American actress (1917-1975)
Robert Benchley
American writer and actor (1889-1945)
Elizabeth Patterson
American actress (1874-1966)
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Robert Warwick
actor (1878-1964)
Eily Malyon
British character actress (1879-1961)
Monte Blue
American actor (1887–1963)
Robert Greig
American/Australian actor (1879-1958)
Mary Field
American film actress (1909-1996)
Emory Parnell
American vaudeville performer and actor (1892-1979)
Emma Dunn
Blossom Rock
American actress
Chester Conklin
actor, comedian (1886-1971)
Billy Bevan
actor (1887-1957)
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Frank Mills
American actor (1891-1973)
Dan White
American actor (1908-1980)
James Millican
American actor
Franklyn Farnum
American actor (1878-1961)
Peter Leeds
American actor (1917-1996)
Cyril Ring
American film actor (1892-1967)
Wade Boteler
actor (1888–1943)
Brooks Benedict
American actor (1896-1968)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Esther Howard
American actress (1892-1965)
Eddy Chandler
actor (1894-1948)
Nora Cecil
American actress (1878-1951)