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1948 second of David Lean's two film adaptations of Charles Dickens novels


Alec Guinness
British actor (1914-2000)
Robert Newton
English stage and film actor
Kay Walsh
English actress
John Howard Davies
English actor, and television producer and director
Anthony Newley
British actor and musician (1931-1999)
Francis L. Sullivan
British actor
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Henry Stephenson
British stage and film actor (1871-1956)
Diana Dors
English actress (1931-1984)
Henry Edwards
actor, film director
Amy Veness
British actress (1876-1960)
Kathleen Harrison
English actress (1892–1995)
Mary Clare
British actress (1894-1970)
Maurice Denham
British actor (1909-2002)
Peter Bull
British actor (1912-1984)
Ralph Truman
British actor (1900-1977)
Edie Martin
British actress