Ben Johnson
American film actor (1918-1996)
Joanne Dru
American film and television actress (1922-1996)
Harry Carey
American actor (1921-2012)
Ward Bond
American film actor (1903-1960)
Jane Darwell
James Arness
American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon for 20 years in...
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Hank Worden
American actor (1901-1992)
Alan Mowbray
British actor
Charles Kemper
American actor (1900-1950)
Francis Ford
actor, film director (1881-1953)
Jim Thorpe
American track and field athlete and baseball player
Movita Castaneda
American actress (1916-2015)
Russell Simpson
American actor (1880-1959)
Ruth Clifford
American actress (1900-1998)
Kathleen O'Malley
American actress (1924-2019)