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1972 film directed by Richard Attenborough


Simon Ward
English stage and film actor
Robert Shaw
English actor and novelist (1927-1978)
Anne Bancroft
American actress
Anthony Hopkins
Welsh actor
John Mills
English actor
Jack Hawkins
British actor who worked on stage and in film from the 1930s until the 1970s
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Ian Holm
English actor
Patrick Magee
Northern Irish actor
Edward Woodward
British actor (1930-2009)
Laurence Naismith
English actor (1908-1992)
Jane Seymour
English actress
Richard Leech
Irish actor (1922-2004)
Robert Flemyng
British actor (1912-1995)
Robert Hardy
British actor (1925-2017)
John Stuart
actor (1898-1979)
Thorley Walters
actor (1913-1991)
Patrick Holt
British actor (1912-1993)
Maurice Roƫves
English actor
Pippa Steel
British actress (1948-1992)
James Cosmo
Scottish actor
Nigel Hawthorne
English actor
Colin Blakely
Northern Irish actor
James Cossins
British actor (1933-1997)
John Woodvine
English actor
George Mikell
Australian actor and writer
Raymond Huntley
actor (1904-1990)